Undergoing a large renovation can be overwhelming and stressful for a homeowner, particularly if you haven’t taken on such a huge job before. Rather than leaping into the renovation, think about taking these measures to be certain your cash, time and energy are not wasted. Follow these tips to prevent common renovation errors, so you are more likely to wind up with the very best outcomes for your house.

Search for Problem Areas

If you’re undertaking a huge renovation, then do not begin taking a look at interior design magazines for inspiration as the first step. Begin by going through your house and making notes of issue areas which will need to be repaired such as cracked architectural timbers. Create a thorough list of minor and major problems which need to be considered for the renovation, such as obsolete electric panels, plumbing and roof installation issues and drafty windows. Prior to dreaming of drapes or walk-in cupboards, you’ll need to use your house improvement project to repair problems which will eventually become burdens if they are neglected.

  It’s about a Strategy for Practicality, Not Prettiness

Your top priorities should be functional and practical choices that enhance the house, if the layout is of extreme significance, concentrate on jobs that may offer both performance and attractiveness such as undergoing a home extension. By way of instance, while doors and windows are vital for everyday functions like insulation and safety, there’s a huge choice of doors and windows that may add gloss, colour and design to your house. If you are not certain about what jobs you should or should not undertake ask yourself important questions such as if you employ the component on a daily basis and if you require it or just want it.

    Hire the Professionals

It’s always sensible to seek the services of professionals while getting a renovation, even when you’re confident in your DIY skills. Homeowners can perform research and employ contractors, job developers, architects or designers to be able to direct them during their renovation and be sure everything works smoothly. These professionals may also utilize reliable manufacturers to present the best stuff possible, as a seasoned house extension company, Extensions Unlimited has been utilized by professionals performing home renovations for ages. The full procedure will be successful should you employ specialists to work on jobs that match their precise transactions rather than attempting it yourself.


Budget the Smartest Alternatives, Not the most Inexpensive

A house renovation isn’t the ideal time to attempt and discover a reduction, a renovation is an investment, so quality should not be ignored in favour of a decrease price-tag. Employing a domestic plumbing services company to help you with your plumbing instead of DIYing is likely to save you money in the long run as they are insured in-case anything goes wrong. It’s likely to save money by locating the least expensive windows available in the market and attempting to install them but if you’re seeking to update your windows for your house, foregoing an expert setup really isn’t the best way to get lasting results. When you attempt to locate a loop-hole or move for the cheapest bargains, you’re very likely to decrease the caliber of the job, which you may regret later on.

A lot of men and women make this renovation error only because they would like to have enough funds for each of the plans they envisioned their house to have, to pay for the massive quantity of the renovations, so they will forfeit value and time. This issue is clear, but it is going to give you a very long list of hurried and cheap fixes which will require more maintenance later on.


Be certain that you have details set up even if it comes to simple things like counter top colour or materials such as laminated timber products, backsplash colour, paint colours and fittings. Do not pick on those variables last minute. In case that you pick an item that is out of stock, you will be made to go for choice number two, or else you are going to need to wait for the thing to arrive, just two variables which will be entirely prevented with preplanning.


To make everybody a bit happier during the building stage, you might choose to think about alternative housing, particularly if you’re experiencing a huge job. Even though it may cost you more money to reside elsewhere, your job is likely to be finished quicker and without the extra hassle of living through the building process which may help save you money once the job is finished.

If you observe these useful hints, you’ll have a simpler time throughout your house renovations, there might still be hiccups and tiny troubles, but you’ll be preventing major issues the typical homeowner comes across. Adhering to such measures will ensure your house gets the renovation that it requires, while not going over budget or decreasing its value.

There is a program for Renovations

Save money and frustration by downloading free hot house fix-it programs.

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DIY Handyman Toolbox: Performs frequent handyman calculations; contrasts between imperial and metric dimensions; computes in cubic or square metres, which can be useful when purchasing materials for flooring, concreting, gardens and painting.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas: Locate plenty of interior decorating inspiration out of 1.5 million layout tips which you could save into a digital scrapbook.

Look the part

If you wish to have discounts on appliances, hardware and welded wire mesh, do not do it while sporting your polo Ralph Lauren. Like it or not, sales people judge you on your own appearance. If you walk into a shop to negotiate sporting designer sunglasses, they are likely to attempt to extract each and every cent from you – so really look like tradie.

Split it down

To prevent getting overwhelmed, renovation specialist Barry Du Bois, from Channel 10’s The Living Room, indicates you split up each job into little tasks. If you are doing the entire home, split this up into sections, then split it up in the tasks within every room. Otherwise it may become too big and you’re going to lose track on where you are headed, with dwindled enthusiasm and motivation.

Small things, big difference.

Small tasks and finishings, like cleaning filthy exhaust fans, upgrading doorknobs and handles, and painting doorframes, are things possible buyers notice, states Peter Bushby, president of the Real Estate Institute of Australia.

Having said this if you are going to strip away skirting boards and architraves, simply to replace them using the specific same thing, you are wasting your own time. Rather, give them a new lick of paint. But do not purchase inexpensive paint, you are saving about 30 percent by doing this yourself, so purchase decent quality.

If this is the very first DIY reno, Du Bois states the very first room you try should function as laundry room, in place of the kitchen or toilet.

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