I really don’t think I am going to be wrong if I say most people enjoy a welcoming atmosphere in regards to their homes or some location in which they are visiting. There is nothing quite like walking into a room and immediately feeling a sensation of warmth and relaxation. There is nothing quite like being told that your house is inviting and cozy, it only feels nice to know you have created a feeling that others are interested in being in. If you need to create an inviting waiting room or business space or just want to establish a refreshing warm living area for yourself, read the tips below.                                     

  1. Begin with The Entry

Don’t ignore the entrance, this is the first area you see when you enter a house or building and should immediately exude a sense of homeliness and welcoming.A plain and simple welcome mat on the floor can do the trick, keep the walkway clear and simple so guests are compelled to walk in further.

  1. Produce Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is not only for romance. Fostering a serene atmosphere in your house facilitated by flexible lighting and multiple lighting sources is a top hint on how to change the mood of your home in an instance. Friends over for dinner should seem completely different compared to the bright overhead lighting that you use when cleaning the house. Lighting in the dining area should reflect a relaxed casual vibe whereas the kids room should be vibrant and colourful to reflect their personalities.

  1. Consider Textures

The significance of textures when it has to do with cosiness and this should be emphasised. A beautiful knitted rug on the living room floor as well as a fluffy throw on the couch will create a warm feel rather than a bare floor that is cold to sit on. Textures in the bedroom also make a difference to guests of they are staying the night. An added throw or textured pillow looks like you have put in effort into the décor of the room and not just putting them in the neglected ‘guest room’.

  1. Pile up Pillows and Blankets

The trick to a comfy area is layering. A couch or sofa with many distinct blankets, such as layering a cotton blanket above a milder and thicker one for heat. Investing in cushions of various shapes and sizes to get a super luxurious and comfy effect that looks fun to justjump on top of. Pillows come in many shapes and sizes and don’t have to be expensive. Walk down to your local second hand shop to pick up all sorts of interesting pillows to add to your collection and your home will be looking welcoming in no time.

  1. Intimate Seating Arrangements

Maintain the seating arrangement in your living room as quite intimate and close together. Furniture placed too far apart with objects scattered in between separates guests and creates a feeling of uncertainty. Keeping everyone close together is more ideal and creates a feeling of closeness and care.


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