Home is a synonym of comfort – and the definition of comfort is incomplete without technology. If I asked you to name one room in your house without technology, well you would struggle, wouldn’t you? Most of you know that I love tech. I will buy anything from phone accessories to cinema-style speakers if they are high-tech enough. There is nothing more fun than equipping your house with exclusive tech that also makes your life easier. 

Every single person nowadays is looking for the newest and coolest thing on the market  – to make their life easier. Maybe you are in the middle of the construction of your new home, or you are thinking of renovating the existing one? In that case, perhaps you would love to know the latest things you can install – to stand out from the homes of your friends and neighbours. Of course, we will only talk about things that don’t exceed the most common budgets. You know I like budget tech too – especially little accessories like popsockets! 

From automated, sensor installed lighting system to Alexa, you want it all. Here is a list of all affordable tech upgrades you can have for your home!

For the door

The Nest Hello doorbell comes with a built-in HD camera, that is connected to your phone. This way you don’t need to have a peephole in your door, you can just see the person through your phone! Not only that, the microphone and speaker installed in it help you talk to the person, no matter if you are at home or not. Whether it is dark at either of the places, or if the background is noisy, the quality of audio and video is second to none. You can make it yours for $229.

Light dimmer

This device comes with an in-wall light dimmer and a remote so that you can change the brightness of the lights in your house, all from just one place. This Lutron kit could be yours for as little as $60.

Amazon echo

This hands-free speaker is arguably the next big thing in the audio market. You can control the music that is playing, calls, messages, weather reports and even the above-mentioned light dimmer just with your voice. The Echo is available for purchase on Amazon at $85.

For plants and pet

If you are a plant person, there is a smart pot available in the market that takes care of your plant for an entire month once you fill it. It provides the required nutrients for the plant so that you don’t have to worry, the next time you go on a vacation. The price of the smart pot is $150. If you have a pet in the home, there is also a pet camera available at = $145 that keeps an eye on your dogs and cats (and other animals) when you are not home. So, check out on your phone if they are doing something they aren’t supposed to, like partying, for instance? 😉

Motion sensor garbage bin

The name pretty much explains the purpose of the tech. So, say no to any kind of contact with the dustbin because it can see you coming. No longer will you have to hold the dirty lids of the dustbin or pedal every time you need to throw in something. Do one more chore, in a little more stylish way!

Smart lighting

Well, that is possible with combinations like a light dimmer and the Amazon Echo. Such technology which also involves motion sensors, not only helps you in maintaining health standards in the vision for instance, but also helps you save energy as well. Forgetting to switch off lights is a common thing in most homes, and it shows on the electricity bill!

You could also get yourself a self – dimming bulb. That, when you flip the switch twice, creates a light pattern of dimming like a sunset. It takes 37 minutes to dim which helps you sleep easily. It is worth $37.

Smart heating

The temperature of your house is another factor that might break a sweat (literally) if you forget to adjust the AC or heater according to the outside temperature. Something that fixes itself according to the outside temperature is all you need so that you are at the most comfortable temperature at all times.

Smart bathtub

The Archer Vibroacoustic bath acts as a Bluetooth speaker, which when filled with water, make ripples with the help of music. What can be a better way to indulge in self-care after a hectic day?

You could also equip yourself with wireless garage door sensors to help you with the garage doors (duh!) and shower sensors that adjust the water temperature and flow pressure according to your comfort required!

Make your home, a creative tech–zone with these brilliant products available online! Enjoy!

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