An adolescent’s room is so much more than a bedroom, it is also a workplace/ study place, a lounge area and a play/ entertainment area.This means you will want to get the most out of each and every centimetre of floor space. Having a loft bed means your teenager can sleep on the upper level, leaving space for a desk or seats (or anything at all, really) below.

At this age in a teenagers life, all of the colour and pattern proceed off the mattress and bed sheets and onto the walls. Replace the printed mattress covers with more impartially coloured or plain linen and encourage your teenage child to select something more decorative for their walls. You could ask them to create something themselves. Or they could hang up a work of art, picture stickers, posters or even throw on a fresh coat of coloured paint.

Do not be amazed if your teenager brings home six or eight friends (It is a social age), without prior notice. Flexible, lightweight seats, like floor cushions and bean bags, turn a bedroom into a lounge area in just a couple of minute’s, then, once the guests have departed, stack the pieces off into a corner.

These are just a couple of quick, easy tips to help design and style a teenagers bedroom. I hope you have found them helpful.

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